Making Friends With The Locals

Trek Diary: Day Thirteen (9th July)

Desert, shrubs and rocks. That was what we saw for about 6 straight hours. I must admit, it was a lot nicer than the east coast drive, which was 200 miles of trees. The desert was a new thing for us Europeans and seeing so much open space made me realise just how over crowded our country is.

During our long drive we also saw our first “dust devils”. These are desert whirlwinds that seem to appear out of nowhere and then vanish just as quickly. Although they can get quite big they are relatively harmless but i wouldn’t want to try my luck with one! We also saw an overturned car in the middle of the road, luckily everyone seemed okay but it did make me wonder whether they had had an encounter with one of the devils…

Biggest cowboy boots in the world - San Antonio, Texas
Junction High School, Texas

Our campsite was just outside Fort Stockton and was one of my favourite from the trip. There was a breeze, plenty of bathrooms and we spent the afternoon playing pool games and having races, including a very fun crab version!

Cooking for 13 (fussy!) people, on a camp stove in a windy area is a bit of a challenge. During the first week or so, we did have a few failed attempts of getting the correct amount together as its definitely a trial and improvement thing. Today was an “over estimation” day and by the end i felt like i had eaten my entire body weight in mac n’ cheese. We had also been noticing that alcohol was having…peculiar effects on some of us. It must have been the combination of heat and exhaustion but i was feeling pretty tipsy after a single Bacardi Breezer. It was very strange, like being 14 all over again.

With not a lot to do at the camp site, it was decided that we were to go bowling in Fort Stockton. I had the impression that this was probably the only thing to do in this town. It was here that we met Paul the creepo drunk. Paul had heard our very strange sounding accents and swanned on over to us as we were trying on our bowling shoes. As the evening progressed, he took a bit of a shine to our Natalie and barely left her side all night. After a while, we grew tiresome of our Texan friend and after a lot of coaxing, he was sent on his way. The memory of Paul has overshadowed the bowling and i cant even remember who won now!

Spot the Texan creeper!

The drinking continued back at camp, after our wonderful rendition of “Dont Stop Me Now” during the drive back. The boys played Arrogance  – a game that has a sole purpose of getting everyone smashed and as quickly as possible (especially if George Dickel joins in) Later on, as i was sorting out my tent, Anthony silently appeared behind me wearing his fur coat and sunglasses. He looked at Rob and I, shouted “Bitchhhhhes!” and then promptly fell down and passed out. He remained there till i went to bed, still in the same position and didn’t even move when i started jabbing him in the side to see if he was still alive. I presumed he was, zipped up my tent and went to sleep.

Took a photo first though!

Quite a few people joined Anthony in sleeping outside but Lisa and I were not taking anymore chances with nature. When i got home i found a photo on the main Trek America Facebook page from a group who were a week in front of us. The photo was of a tarantula that they had found roaming their Fort Stockton campsite. That would have been nice to find in your sleeping bag!


Toilet Seat Museum, Water Slides and Lumpy Faces

Trek Diary: Day Twelve (8th July) 

I have no memory of going to sleep that night but i woke up in the correct sleeping bag, which was a start. I was also fully dressed and found all my valuables stashed at my feet along with a collection of snacks. After a breakfast of lucky charms (the only one of the trip, thank god!) we set off in search of a Toilet Seat Museum. The man who owns this unique attraction is a 90 year old man named Barney. Barney has over 600 toilet seats in a garage next door to his house, which is both his makeshift studio and gallery. You can tell he is a man that is passionate about his hobby and has been creating these for almost 40 years now. (Hence the extensive collection) He has toilet seats devoted to family gatherings, holidays, memories, countries and events. He even has a toilet seat with part of a commode on it which came from Saddam Hussein’s underground bunker in Baghdad. If you ever find yourself in San Antonio, i would definitely suggest a visit to see Barney and his famous toilet seats. Just remember to ring beforehand as he likes to have a bit of warning from his visitors! If your lucky, he will also let you sign the toilet seat of your country/state of origin!

Today was also the day that i was finally able to get my money from a Western Union! (Thankyooou Steeeeve!) It took absolutely forever and i was standing around panicking that it wasn’t going to work. Eventually it all came through and i was no longer poor! I did feel a little bit iffy carrying around hundreds of dollars after being robbed though. A few miles down the road we finally arrived at Schlitterbarn water park and set up a base camp at a picnic area. Lisa and I decided to ride the biggest water slide in the park first, as the line didn’t look too bad from where we were stood. As we gradually made our way up the stairway, we could see the top level and presumed the start of the ride would be just there. (HA…hahahaha!)

Over the next hour or so we passed various markers saying, “2 hours from here”, “1 1/2 hours”…”one hour”…”45 minutes” until finally we were heading up to the final level. My stomach dropped as i peeked over the railing; there was still a massive queue to go! We had been deceived. I was in 40c+ heat, i hadn’t had a drink in hours and we were all beginning to fantasize about the water fountain that we could see near the end of the line. I very nearly turned back. For the first time on the trip, i had a genuine strop. Things got better as we edged nearer to the ride and one of the workers even brought out a water hose and sprayed us with it. All very well, but we could have used that an hour ago! People were even begging to be hosed down, it was all a bit weird actually. After a good hour and a half in the queue, we eventually made it to the slide…which was alright, we were just happy to be off that damn tower.

The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring the park with Lisa, Anthony, Steve and Rob. The park is actually divided into three separate areas which are connected by a shuttle bus. Tip – if you ever do go to this place, do wear flip flops when walking between these places. I think the soles of my feet were burnt by the end of the day. I couldn’t even run across the hot places because…well, things were jiggling and it was embarrassing!

The original park was mostly tube rides and small racing flumes, which had shorter queues and were a lot more fun. We couldn’t find any rubber rings for ages and stole some off a family when they weren’t looking. As we went round the corner we came across a massive pile of them, which Steve then threw himself into. The waiting around was spent playing really mature “Would you rather?” games, some of which were getting pretty graphic as the time passed. The first ride was the tube river, which had a variety of violent drops and turns. They actually had staff in the river helping us float downstream. This was definitely my favourite as I managed to both expose myself and nearly drown at the same time. I had been fully prepared for my bikini top to come undone at some point, yet somehow just one breasticle managed to escape whilst my bikini was still secure. This all happened right in front of a member of staff too. Luckily i had gone first and none of our boys witnessed this atrocity. I floated away, cursing at my terrible choice in swimwear. Other fun things at Schlitterbahn include the lazy rivers, one of which had a wave machine. They also have big dinosaur floats that i failed to steal off some kid.

Clutching our shower stuff. We would always forget at least one item.

Whilst we were wandering around the water park, i noticed Lisa’s eyelid had started to look a bit swollen. Being the nice friend that i am, i didn’t mention anything to her till later on. As we were driving back to the campsite, all the girls noticed that bumps had started to appear all over our arms and faces. At first we thought it was some sort of disease we had picked up from the park, until we realised that this may have had something to do with sleeping outside. Then the itching began. At the showers we realised the extent of the mosquitoes midnight feast. I counted 50 or so bites and had a whole selection on one side of my face. Very attractive. For some reason Ingrid did not have the same amount of bites as us, despite the fact that she also camped outside. I think the chlorine in the water may have brought out the bites and made them worse. We all looked like lepers that evening! During the same bathroom trip, we had Charlotte shrieking from one of the cubicles at one point. Inside the base of the shower was a massive fluffy grey wolf spider, which was eventually annihilated by a shampoo bottle and a flip flop. What is it with bathrooms and spiders!?

We were lumpy

That evening we all went out to dinner in San Antonio, the group were kind enough to let us lumpy lot go too. We went to a really nice Mexican restaurant where we had a massive table for all 26 of us. Plenty of nachos were eaten and the food was amazing! Feeling pretty rotund, and regretting the strawberry colada, we headed back into San Antonio. We had a look round the River Walk and headed to an ice cream place after failing to get the young’uns into the bars. Again, still feeling rotund, i opted out of this. On the way back to the van, Natalie decided she had had enough of her icecream cone and gave it to a complete (possibly drunk) stranger – it appeared to be well received.

Dancing With Cowboys in San Antonio

Trek Diary: Day Eleven (7th July)

As i lay there in my sleeping bag, trying to remember where the hell i was, i noticed a peculiar shadow on the wall of our tent. Normally you can make out the outline of insects and flick them off, but this one was much larger. I was curious. Throwing on some clothes, i ran through camp trying to find the bug net. The bug net was bought for the boys to catch their dinner challenges but it came in pretty handy when these types of situations arose.

He was about the size of my palm, I didnt realise crickets could get so big! I did try catching it with my bare hands but he was kinda spikey and he kept getting tangled up in the net (i felt pretty bad!) but Steve managed to free him. We also found a tree frog on another tent. I think this camp was the most wildlife packed of the whole trip!

After spending the previous day in the back of the van surrounded by sleepy people, i claimed shotgun again. After writing up all these memories, i have realised that i spent quite a lot of the days up in front. (Sorry guys!) This journey was to take us out of Louisiana and into Texas, from swamp land into desert. From staying awake for 99% of the journey i was able to see the landscape gradually change, unlike some of my fellow passengers who somehow managed to miss entire states.

12345.6! Photo time on the side of the highway!
"Gladiator Car!"

By the time you reach Houston, everything looks very “American”  and massive fast food signs line the side of the highway. You know you are out of the south and heading into the west once you start noticing the drive through Starbucks. We didn’t have time to see Houston at all but Steve did have another road side attraction for us to visit…

A house made entirely of cans! I love how America is preserving every part of their history and culture, even these small quirky places. The British tend to take their history for granted, probably because there is just so much of it! I worked in a 13th century city gate for 6 months and was amazed at how many of the locals had no idea where, or what it was! I think i saw more Tasmanian tourists than local people during my time there.

We had lunch at another rest stop and had our daily bagels. Lunch was a time to run around or flop around on the grass for half an hour, a much needed escape from the van. Plus there were always vending machines nearby which meant COLD drinks! You also tend to notice some strange things at rest stops, this particular one had a middle aged couple and a harnessed cat. Not something you would expect to find on the side of a Texas highway. It was also very uncooperative and kept tangling itself up in its leash. As i got back in the van and noticed a very funky smell emanating from somewhere nearby. It turned out that it was me and i had obviously trodden in something grim…i blame that cat. The poopy shoes got swiftly thrown into the back of the trailer and i had to run bare foot across Texas tarmac in the middle of summer. (Do not recommend!) Before we reached San Antonio, another food and booze stop was made in the middle of nowhere. It was here that Lisa and I purchased “The Smirnoff Party Pack” that lasted us far too long. The “Party Pack” was frequently consumed warm hot because the boys stole all the space in the booze coolers.

The journey was not too bad and we arrived at our destination by mid afternoon. Whilst setting up camp, we were told that there probably would not be anymore mosquitoes from this point on in the trip. With this knowledge, the girls came to the agreement that it was just far too hot to sleep outside. To be honest,  it was probably more that we were just too lazy to put up our tents…and so our girls-only tarpaulin camp was created! In hindsight, this was a very bad decision.

The German's interpretation of San Antonio (From a bible activity book)

San Antonio was hot. Very hot. Unfortunately we missed out on going inside the Alamo due to a short and bikini situation. My shorts were falling off me having lost weight and my pants were continually on show. Lisa, on the other hand, forgot to pack her good bikinis and needed a new one before we hit the water park the next day. Despite this very necessary shopping trip, we did get to see some of the city and had a stroll down the River Walk. I would love to go back and visit again, its a city i could actually see myself living in if i had the chance. They also have a Sea World and a Six Flags (which we didnt visit) which would boost my love for any place!

The Alamo!

We were staying at the San Antonio KOA for 2 nights which meant no travelling and a night of partying! After one too many party packs and glasses of box wine, all 26 of us piled into a fleet of taxis. Cowboy Dance Hall was our destination and we seriously need one of these in the UK! Knock down all of the Oceanas and replace them with these! I don’t really do clubs but this was completely different. It had one big dance floor, bars on either side, a stage and a mechanical bull. More importantly, the place was full of cowboys (even real life ones!) I decided that if a guy puts on a cowboy hat, i am instantly more attracted to him. “Four Perves and a Nympho” were on top form that night. Ingrid and I were immediately drawn to the mechanical bull but i did feel that at least one drink needed to be consumed before those shenanigans started. I was pretty surprised i stayed on for so long, but i did fly over the top of its head though. “A” for effort! Apart from the bull in the corner, the obvious difference was the music and dancing. Club music was played from time to time, with the predictable bumpin’ and grinding going on. However, the majority was Country and Western songs which called for actual dancing! The guys come up to the girls and ask them to dance, offers that were graciously accepted…after a few drinks of course! A cowboy named Alexander was kind enough to teach me how to “two-step”. I have never had so much fun in a club before! I did say that the UK should have one but i know that it would never work. Shame…because i really want a cowboy!

Riding the bull!

Gator Petting and Swamp Camping

Trek Diary: Day  Ten (6th July)

Today we left New Orleans in search of more Louisiana adventures. On the agenda was a swamp tour and gator spotting! Whilst we waited for our tour to start, we sat on the porch and had a nosy around the gift shop at all the gator heads and “lucky” gator feet. There were also some screechy (although rather adorable) pre-schoolers hanging outside the front waiting for their own tour. Yup, thats right, send 25+ under five year olds on a BOAT to see ALLIGATORS that sounds like a real good idea! We decided we would never sign that permission slip if they were our children. Oh, America!

It was warm, the boat was swaying and many of us fell asleep…sometimes on each other. Only small gators were spotted to begin with and our guide coaxed them out of their hiding places with hot dogs on sticks and marshmallows. They were leaping out of the water and had such cute stumpy legs!

Just like we discovered in Tennessee, being on a boat is very scary because of all the bloody insects! The dragonflies didn’t bother me…just the horrible big, black wasp things. One flew past my head and i was convinced it had landed on my shoulder. Chang then turned to me and said, “Its under there” pointing to my top. Cue massive freak out. Just like the rafting, i was ready to take my chances in the water, this time with the gators. I only just about heard him say, “Only joking!”

The second part of our boat journey took us off the main part of the river and into the bayous. Here we found the biggest alligator in the area who was around 14ft long. After having all previous gators on the other side of the boat, i had this monster right in front of me! Got some good shots and the Koreans took the chance to have a closer look. Guide-man spotted them and promptly told them off. I dont know whether they misunderstood him or just full on ignored his warnings, but they continued to lean over the side and actually touched its head! I very nearly had a heart attack.

They also eat marshmallows

The weather had been gorgeous all week and for the first time since we arrived, we saw it rain. It absolutely chucked it down! Within a minute there was a good two inches on the road. I attempted to take a video of it but it ended up turning into an “introduction” video.

We were perfectly aware that we were going to be camping somewhere in Louisiana. What we were not told is that it would be right next to swampland. Our tent area was only 5 meters away from the edge of an algae covered pool, with an ominous sign saying “Do not enter – Gators”. Greeaaaaat. I was then informed that another Trek leader had been bitten by a rattlesnake a few weeks before and had to get air lifted out of the area. Trying to forget about the potential death traps around us, we made a dinner of tacos and spent the evening chatting among ourselves whilst Natalie drank far too much Parrot Bay rum. An armadillo was also spotted!

If we hadn’t of seen any wildlife, then we sure would have heard them. I know they say that the jungle is noisy at night…and well, i guess this was as jungle-like as it was going to get in the States. I think i got about 3 hours sleep. Every insect, every frog, every…EVERYTHING was either singing, screaming or chirping. For the “middle of nowhere”, it was the noisiest “nowhere” i had ever been. On top of this, one of our group was snoring like an absolute trooper all night long. I woke up from the racket and in my sleepy state, i actually thought that there was a wild boar outside. Apparently, the other girls also heard this but attributed it to an alligator and were terrified.

I was also woken up (yet again) by commotion within our camp ground. I found out the next day that it was actually Ryan, the other Trek leader, chasing a gang of raccoons.

Hangovers, Police and Some Tears

Trek Diary: Day Nine (5th July)

I woke up, still drunk and in the clothes from the night before. I didn’t manage to get much sleep as i was still trying to get my head round the events of the night before. I had no idea what to do about money at that point. I had called my parents (when i was drunk) and told them everything. They had since been trying to figure out a plan to get some money to me. My phone bill at the end of the trip was £160, which was nice to find when i arrived home!

Around 10am, i managed to wake up Lisa and we headed to breakfast. Everyone was so lovely, asking if i was okay and if i needed to borrow any money. It just made me want to cry more though! The morning was spent with the girls by the pool, piecing together our memories from the night before. Steve was really helpful too and went into Trek Leader mode. The New Orleans Police department on the other hand, were not of any use at all! I guess they had more pressing matters than my stolen purse. I did feel pretty bad as i took up Steve’s free day and lie in. This also happened in Las Vegas but for a completely different reason. I’m such a pain!

After spending the morning trying not to cry, i hit a point where i just didn’t give a damn anymore. I was not going to let it (or anything else) ruin my trip! It is just money and it was going to get sorted out at some point. Plus, at least i wasn’t mugged for it! The girls and I, had a late lunch on Bourbon Street and did a bit of shopping. It was a bit half-arsed from the lack of sleep and the lingering hangovers.

We did go out again in the evening but it wasnt the same as the night before. Despite the hangovers, we had another hand grenade but soon went back to the hotel and had pizza.

Then we went to bed.

How boring!

Independence Day in New Orleans!

Trek Diary: Day Eight (4th July)

It didn’t actually occur to me until a few weeks after i booked trek, that we would be over in the States for the 4th July AND would be spending it in New Orleans!

The other van left quite some time before us after the discovery of their ant invasion. After a quick (cold) pop-tart, I shotgunned again and we set off. No attraction stops today, only a quick lunch stop where we took group photos next to a Louisiana sign.

The family!

It was quite surreal knowing that i was about to spend the next two days in New Orleans. It was a major stop on a previous itinerary i had made with my ex, as we had been planning a trip across the USA at one point. It was sort of weird now that i was doing it alone…well, i wasn’t exactly alone! On the way in, Steve drove us around the outskirts of the city (with my poor navigating skills) and we saw a lot of the damage from Katrina. We even saw an abandoned six flags park that was in the process of being built when the hurricane had hit. They decided against continuing work on it, so there are incomplete rollercoasters that can be seen from the highway. I didn’t realise that there is still a lot of damage and some places may never fully recover. Across from our hotel there was a boarded up building, and this was just a few blocks down from Bourbon Street.


Our hotel was “The French Quarter Suites” and i would definitely stay again! The hotel was gorgeous, we had a nice pool and the rooms were beautiful. We also had air con and BEDS! Me and Lisa did “The Grand Entrance” something that should be done as soon as you enter a hotel room – a running leap onto the bed. The afternoon was spent lazing besides the pool, sorting out washing and getting ready for the night ahead. It was also spent in hysterics after a potentially embarassing situation for me. I had just gotten out of the shower and was pretty much starkers when i saw something out of the corner of my eye. A flash of a yellow tshirt. Who was wearing a yellow tshirt? “Oh shit! LISA! I think Steve just saw me naked!” The doors of each room had glass in them, so I have no idea WHY i didn’t get changed in the bathroom or at least out of sight! (subconscious exhibitionist?) After 10 minutes of Lisa laughing at me freaking out, some of the other girls came over and we realised that you cant really see inside anyway. I breathed a sigh of relief. Awkward situation had been averted!

We took a walk down Bourbon street in the late afternoon and brought our Southern Comfort along with us. Steve told us things about the city and we walked all the way over to the river where we took group jumping photos – a trek tradition. We were pretty rubbish at these! We went out for dinner too and i had jambalaya – which was much better than the gumbo that the majority of the group had.

Too cool for jumping
One of many failed attempts
Steve telling us things

After a quick change at the hotel we joined up with the other van and set off for the river again to watch the fireworks. They were pretty good, but i think Disney has ruined all future firework displays for me – nothing compares to Epcot’s display! The task for tonight was to drink lots and try to stay together! The drink of the night (and the most famous in New Orleans) was the Hand Grenade that can be bought from the Tropical Isle bars. Since our return home, Lisa looked up the ingredients for this drink (although its apparently a secret recipe) and it called for “grain alcohol”. Grain alcohol is basically ethanol, pure alcohol. I had two and that was enough for me! It was an awesome night, which was started off at a bar called “Krazy Korner” who had a band playing songs such as “Living on a prayer” and “Don’t stop believing”. There was lots of singing, inter group hugging and Natalie even got up on stage. Just like Tennessee, tonight also has gaps missing. I remember Natalie getting on a motorbike, kissing strangers for beads, dancing on stage with some of the girls and having the best time ever!

 At one point drunk me had obviously had enough and decided that Lisa should go home and be put to bed (she was falling over at this point) Natalie and Ben joined us on our stumble home. Drunk Amy was upset for some stupid reason and sobbed to Natalie for a while. By this time, Ben and Lisa had run off to join everyone else on Bourbon Street (who were all at a gay bar). Natalie and I stopped at a gas station near our hotel to get something to eat but as i went to pay, i realised my purse was missing. So the tears started up again and didn’t stop for the next few hours. I had either dropped my purse or it had been stolen. Apparently pick pocketing is rife in NOLA and they picked the perfect target; the white British girl, in a floral dress who could barely stand up. It was pretty scary that i was with 25 other people and nobody noticed anything. I still have no idea why i didnt just take money with me and not BOTH of my cards. Once we were back at the hotel, Ryan let me borrow his laptop (which i cried all over) so i could get the numbers of my banks. Annika (from the other group) was really nice and offered to walk back to the club with me to see if it had been handed in at all. I think i cried the whole way and talked absolute nonsense between sobs. The next hour was spent on the phone to my bank and travel card company to cancel my cards. Amazingly, through the intoxication, i managed to remember all my passwords and secret questions! I was pretty unhappy at this point and i remember the man on the phone trying to console me. The conversation went something like this…

Natwest man: “Do you have anyone to talk to? Wheres you trek leader?”

Me: “Umm, im not sure.”

*I turn around and see Steve sprawled on the patio*


Natwest man: “Oh. Is there anyone else you can talk to?”

Me: “Umm…”

*People are either taking a photo of Steve or stumbling around hugging each other*

Our pact was fulfilled. Good effort!

After the phone call ended and after realising that i had missed out on pizza, i got pretty stroppy. (If i was rude to anyone – im sorry! I didn’t mean it!) Everyone was crowded around Ryan’s laptop watching videos on Youtube. The title of this particular video was “Monkey Rapes Cat”.

I decided it was time for bed.

Carousels and Giant Mississippi Bugs

Trek Diary: Day Seven (3rd July)

We all woke up to one hell of a mess in the morning. Somehow, after a horrendous amount of alcohol, i was actually feeling pretty awesome!

6am and its hot already

The showers at this campsite were pretty good considering we were in the middle of nowhere. They would have been perfect if i hadn’t of seen the dangling brown spider in the shower next to me, what looked like a brown recluse (very venomous) Luckily i spotted it and managed to warn the naked individual in the cubicle to my right, before she walked straight into it (i think it was Lisa – saved her life again!). I was quite glad it climbed back up to its hiding spot, as i knew i would be the one who would have to go and have an encounter with it.

Our journey today was a long one. We went through the whole of Alabama down to Meridian, Mississippi. We also completely forgot about putting on “Sweet home Alabama” until we were just about to cross the state line! After some frantic mp3 searching i think we managed to just about get the chorus in. That was on my to-do list, i was obviously having too much van fun to care! Lisa was up in front as it was her 21st birthday, although she spent a lot of it snoozing.

Once we reached Meridian, we went and found the oldest carousel in America. This was another of Steve’s weird finds! It was a little odd to find something like that in the middle of Mississippi. I loved it, i had a great time! The boys totally did too, as seen in this photo:

Too cool for a carousel

After our ride, we found a “dollar” store and bought loads of water pistols and water balloons. I say “dollar” because it was all lies and they had things for a lot more in there! One purchase was a long, multi-coloured, fluffy pillow which Natalie bought and labelled “The Muff”. By the end of the  trip it ended up smelling like the trailer. Grim.

We got to our campsite (which was next to a junk yard) and again, it was a woodland area. It redeemed itself with the pool though! There were plenty of beach ball volley games and there was even a water slide! Managed to land awkwardly at the bottom though and somehow did my knee in. Its still giving me issues now. Then i totally embarrassed myself by jumping into, what i thought was the deep end of the pool. I was totally shocked when it only came up to my middle, holding my nose, stood there like a plonker…and i  think everyone saw too. Hilarious!

Somewhere along the day we had hatched a plan to throw water balloons at Ryan. I chickened out because… i didn’t want to get told off…and well, it didn’t exactly go to plan. Ammo was thrown (well/badly depending on the perspective), crashes were heard and Ryan was shouting. It was awful because i thought the other group would hate us and that we’d get shouted at by Ryan or Steve but i dont think anything was ever mentioned. It was a bit tense sat at the camp waiting for one of these to occur though. We were naughty!

Later that evening we were all sat talking when something sticky landed on my leg and started HISSING. I don’t think ive ever moved so fast in my entire life, especially with a newly dodgy knee! I recently discovered that it was a swamp cicada and the creature that was making the horrendous noises in the trees. After screaming and flicking it off, it landed in the stove where it got stuck. The boys, being super gross, had been challenging each other to eat bugs for the past few hours. This was then the ultimate boy challenge. They ended up cutting it into pieces. The Germans started it, and being British, Anthony had to match them. (Rob was clever and didn’t partake in this)

Why are boys so disgusting!? Did we not feed them enough stroganoff !?

Girls rule. Boys are gross.