The Journey Begins

Trek Diary: Day One (27th June)

Although the actual trek didn’t start till the wednesday morning, i decided to fly in earlier to have a day in New York.  Mum drove me up to Heathrow whilst i went through mental checklists of the contents of my luggage. We had the “mum” chat over a Pret A Manger coffee; “Please don’t injure yourself”, “Have you got your passport!?” “Make sure you eat properly”, “Dont forget to ring me when you get there!!” – just a few excerpts from the extensive list. (These continued with every trans-Atlantic phone call that was made during the trip) Feeling sick, tired but bouncing off the walls from nerves and caffeine, i made my way through security. It was my first time flying on my own and it felt kind of weird without the background family arguments and the bad Dad jokes.

Now, although i was technically flying solo, one of my fellow trekkies (Rob) was on the same flight as me. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we managed to track each other down on Facebook. After doing the British holiday tradition of visiting WHSmiths, i grabbed myself a starbucks (yet more unnecessary caffeine) and headed to my gate where i met Rob. It was so odd meeting a stranger and knowing that you are going to be spending 3 weeks together! Awkward hugs and sporadic conversation later, we boarded the plane. This was my first flight with Virgin and i have never been fed so much in my entire life! Cake, dinner, cookies, chocolate pots, tea, more tea…choc ices, everything! I was already feeling fat and i hadn’t reached the states yet. Flight was pretty good, especially as i didnt have any weirdos sat next to me. I was concerned, as i do tend to attract them.

8 hours later we landed in Newark, New Jersey.

After checking in and realising that we were the only Trekkies there at that point, we headed to the bar. That evening we bonded over over-priced diet cokes and the art of tipping, something us Brits will never quite get the hang of.

Then i went to bed and found a bible in my room.

Some light holiday reading.

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