Getting Lost in New York City

Trek Diary: Day Two (28th June)

The previous night we had had a message from another of our Trekkies, Emma, saying that her flight had been cancelled and she had been sent to Canada(?!) On top of this, the airline had also lost her bags. (She didn’t get them until our second day in Washington DC) She was flying into NY in the morning so we planned to meet her at Penn Station. I got up early and met Rob and Anthony, another trekkie, in the hotel lobby. After a rather quiet 45minute journey into the city, we spent a further half an hour trying to find a girl we had never met before…in a very unfamiliar train station in one of the biggest cities in the world. Totally managed it in the end though!

We hunted down a deli and (finally) had some breakfast. It was here i discovered my love for vanilla chai lattes.


After brekkie we wandered down to Times Square. On the way, i found my first Victoria’s Secret – i literally did a lap and came out again as i knew i would not have resurfaced for hours. On our little wander, i noticed that New York either smells really amazing or really horrendous. The smells follow this sequence: Pastries, coffee, shit, burgers, garbage, spices, coffee, doughnuts, shit again…and repeat. I kinda liked it.

Times Square is pretty neat. We took tourist photos and dodged the people doing aerobics. I don’t know what they were doing but i got a free t-shirt out of it. I also took awkward photos of my new buddies. For the first few days you will notice that the photos are mainly touristy as nobody knew if it was okay to take pictures of each other yet. Although that barrier was broken down soon after the first drinking game!

I should probably have joined in after my indulgent flight
New Fwiiieeeends!

After getting lost in the lobby of some TV Studios, we managed to find the Rockafellar Centre where Rob made BFFs with some American guy. Rob, having the nicest camera out of the four of us, became his official photographer for the next half hour. He wrote down his email and then vanished to go back to his “banking job”. (Apparently Rob lost this piece of paper, so now he just has photos of a random dude!)

Anthony, me, Emma and the Empire State Building.

Central Park was our next point of call, where we had a break and sat down on the grass. A group of kids managed to kick a football at my back AND managed to tackle each other and land on me.  We only managed to see about 5% of the actual park but i’d love to cycle through it one day. I needed more time for exploration! Our afternoon consisted of figuring out the Metro, the WTC site and Staten Island ferry. To be fair, we did actually cram a lot into one day! Taking the train back to Newark during rush hour was probably a bad idea, but it was manageable. I’m not sure whether i could live in New York. Its more relaxed than i imagined it to be and people were a lot more friendly compared to Londoners, but people just seem to be living on top of each other. Plus its super expensive! I spent more in NY than i did in Vegas. I’ll be going back though and it will definitely be combined with a trip up to Boston.


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