The Day We Saw Obama

Trek Diary: Day Four (30th June)

Good places to put tents. (Infested one not pictured)

After getting up at least an hour later than everyone else (a plan that was hatched after spider-gate) Lisa and I made our way into Washington DC as we had chosen not to do the early morning activities. Luckily for us, the other group had exactly the same game plan and we managed to hitch a ride with them. We did sort of feel like we were cheating on the van though. We had originally planned to track everyone down again once we reached the city…but that sort of fell apart. Despite DC’s main attractions being based along one park (National Mall), we still managed to get completely lost. However, in our confusion we did end up seeing Obama and his army of vehicles go past! So we got a lie in AND we managed to see the President of the United States. Not bad! Then we had ice cream and the day was pretty much perfect by 11am.

Thanks for ruining my tourist photo

All the museums in the area are free thanks to the Smithsonian Institution and they are also pretty awesome. The Natural History Museum was our first stop where we saw lots of unusual dinosaurs, played with interactive volcano stuff and saw the Hope Diamond. I also geeked out at the archaeology and bombarded Lisa with useless facts all afternoon. After some overpriced sandwiches, we decided it was probably time for our “tent bud date” to end and managed to meet up with some of our group at the Air and Space museum. I don’t know what it is about America, but they do not allow any drinks (other than water) anywhere in public places or on transport. I had only just bought a big bottle of Mountain Dew so decided to down it all outside. Bad idea! Glancing at the nutrition label, it dawned on me that i had consumed 90g of sugar in under a minute! Hyped up and pupils fully dilated, i did a “reactions test” down in the kids area which involved a timer and a ruler.  Mine were significantly better than a fighter jet pilot’s. Were the two related? I hope not. I want superhuman skills!

Om nom nom

As a lover of all things to do with religions, especially the odd ones, i was pretty stoked when i came across a group of Amish along the National Mall. They didn’t disappoint.  Twice they came up to me with their leaflets about death, handed to me (both times) by their kids who looked me straight in the face and said, “You are going to hell. Have a nice day m’am”. I lost this literature somewhere along the trip which i am gutted about! No hope for my soul now!

Dinner was in George Town (no camp food for us!) where i had my first experience of corn bread muffins and a new foodie love blossomed. I have made it twice since i’ve been back in the UK! This was also the night of the first inter-van drinking, back at the campsite. There was a revealing game of “I Have Never”, weird drawings and the learning of rude German words. The favoured word of the night was “muschi” (vagina) which ended up being the word of the trip and a popular insult, used in any situation. This was also the night that “Four Perves and a Nympho” was formed. Obviously, being a top secret group, i cannot divulge in what was discussed that night but there was some plotting going on. I also can’t remember much of it through the haze of alcohol. The one thing i can say, is that Natalie was glad she didn’t get into Ryan’s (the other trek leader) hammock that night.

I also tried to get as drunk as possible so i would forget about the creepy-crawly woodland gang that was living under/around/in our tent.

Drinking on campsite benches. A trek pastime.



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