Hangovers, Police and Some Tears

Trek Diary: Day Nine (5th July)

I woke up, still drunk and in the clothes from the night before. I didn’t manage to get much sleep as i was still trying to get my head round the events of the night before. I had no idea what to do about money at that point. I had called my parents (when i was drunk) and told them everything. They had since been trying to figure out a plan to get some money to me. My phone bill at the end of the trip was £160, which was nice to find when i arrived home!

Around 10am, i managed to wake up Lisa and we headed to breakfast. Everyone was so lovely, asking if i was okay and if i needed to borrow any money. It just made me want to cry more though! The morning was spent with the girls by the pool, piecing together our memories from the night before. Steve was really helpful too and went into Trek Leader mode. The New Orleans Police department on the other hand, were not of any use at all! I guess they had more pressing matters than my stolen purse. I did feel pretty bad as i took up Steve’s free day and lie in. This also happened in Las Vegas but for a completely different reason. I’m such a pain!

After spending the morning trying not to cry, i hit a point where i just didn’t give a damn anymore. I was not going to let it (or anything else) ruin my trip! It is just money and it was going to get sorted out at some point. Plus, at least i wasn’t mugged for it! The girls and I, had a late lunch on Bourbon Street and did a bit of shopping. It was a bit half-arsed from the lack of sleep and the lingering hangovers.

We did go out again in the evening but it wasnt the same as the night before. Despite the hangovers, we had another hand grenade but soon went back to the hotel and had pizza.

Then we went to bed.

How boring!


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