Carousels and Giant Mississippi Bugs

Trek Diary: Day Seven (3rd July)

We all woke up to one hell of a mess in the morning. Somehow, after a horrendous amount of alcohol, i was actually feeling pretty awesome!

6am and its hot already

The showers at this campsite were pretty good considering we were in the middle of nowhere. They would have been perfect if i hadn’t of seen the dangling brown spider in the shower next to me, what looked like a brown recluse (very venomous) Luckily i spotted it and managed to warn the naked individual in the cubicle to my right, before she walked straight into it (i think it was Lisa – saved her life again!). I was quite glad it climbed back up to its hiding spot, as i knew i would be the one who would have to go and have an encounter with it.

Our journey today was a long one. We went through the whole of Alabama down to Meridian, Mississippi. We also completely forgot about putting on “Sweet home Alabama” until we were just about to cross the state line! After some frantic mp3 searching i think we managed to just about get the chorus in. That was on my to-do list, i was obviously having too much van fun to care! Lisa was up in front as it was her 21st birthday, although she spent a lot of it snoozing.

Once we reached Meridian, we went and found the oldest carousel in America. This was another of Steve’s weird finds! It was a little odd to find something like that in the middle of Mississippi. I loved it, i had a great time! The boys totally did too, as seen in this photo:

Too cool for a carousel

After our ride, we found a “dollar” store and bought loads of water pistols and water balloons. I say “dollar” because it was all lies and they had things for a lot more in there! One purchase was a long, multi-coloured, fluffy pillow which Natalie bought and labelled “The Muff”. By the end of the  trip it ended up smelling like the trailer. Grim.

We got to our campsite (which was next to a junk yard) and again, it was a woodland area. It redeemed itself with the pool though! There were plenty of beach ball volley games and there was even a water slide! Managed to land awkwardly at the bottom though and somehow did my knee in. Its still giving me issues now. Then i totally embarrassed myself by jumping into, what i thought was the deep end of the pool. I was totally shocked when it only came up to my middle, holding my nose, stood there like a plonker…and i  think everyone saw too. Hilarious!

Somewhere along the day we had hatched a plan to throw water balloons at Ryan. I chickened out because… i didn’t want to get told off…and well, it didn’t exactly go to plan. Ammo was thrown (well/badly depending on the perspective), crashes were heard and Ryan was shouting. It was awful because i thought the other group would hate us and that we’d get shouted at by Ryan or Steve but i dont think anything was ever mentioned. It was a bit tense sat at the camp waiting for one of these to occur though. We were naughty!

Later that evening we were all sat talking when something sticky landed on my leg and started HISSING. I don’t think ive ever moved so fast in my entire life, especially with a newly dodgy knee! I recently discovered that it was a swamp cicada and the creature that was making the horrendous noises in the trees. After screaming and flicking it off, it landed in the stove where it got stuck. The boys, being super gross, had been challenging each other to eat bugs for the past few hours. This was then the ultimate boy challenge. They ended up cutting it into pieces. The Germans started it, and being British, Anthony had to match them. (Rob was clever and didn’t partake in this)

Why are boys so disgusting!? Did we not feed them enough stroganoff !?

Girls rule. Boys are gross.

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