I Hope Nobody Got Married Last Night…

Trek Diary: Day Twenty Two (18th July)

I awoke at 6am. A time that should never be seen in Vegas.

After nearly three weeks of camping, it seemed that my body was regulating its internal clock by the sun and i found myself wide awake. It also didn’t help that i realised that my room was missing something quite important. It seemed my dear room mate had pulled a “Hangover” style stunt on me and had yet to return. It would have been fine if she had taken her phone, or if i had everyone’s mobile and room numbers. And so, our poor Trek leader had another “emergency” telephone call from me at stupid o’clock in the morning – sorry Steve!

After a few guesses and a selection of sleepy strangers down the end of the phoneline, i managed to dial the right number and updated the rest of the girls on the situation. An hour or so later, we were reunited with our missing party animal (who had done Vegas proud) and dragged her along to our next destination – Grub. I was very concerned about her welfare…but i wont lie, i was also concerned about who was coming to breakfast with me. Ah yes, I know my priorities. Especially when breakfast was a buffet.

The booze box claims another victim

After the gambling, the eccentric shows and excessive partying, the best way to recover is to find yourself a breakfast buffet. Each hotel has their own, which vary in price and quality. For example, we picked up a breakfast buffet for $14 in the Flamingo but for $30-40 dollars you could have dinner in the Bellagio with alcohol included. But no booze was required or wanted for this particular sitting. Buffets in Europe tend to lean towards either continental style or full English. However, in Vegas you can literally get anything you could ever want for the first meal of the day. I have even heard of people having Roast dinners and Vietnamese noodles at these buffets – seriously, anything goes. (Nb. Now that i have been to America – the burgers for breakfast thing does not suprise me. We may have done this the following day…) I really wish i had taken a photo of our selection. There was the usual breakfasty items – bacon, cereal, toast, eggs etc, but it went on to include – pastries, cupcakes, steaks, king prawns and even the salad bar was out. I was rebellious and had ice cream. For breakfast? Take that parents!!

After digesting the horrific amount of salt, sugar and whatever else we could eat for $14, we met up with some of the others and took a short drive to go shoot some guns. For a European or an Australian, a trip to Vegas is never complete without taking some frustration out on a paper target with the biggest and most bad-ass looking gun that your budget allows. Having been recently robbed and with a week left on a limited amount of cash, i decided to sit this one out. As did Lisa, who was probably still too drunk to even be near a firearm.

Natalie looks like she is naked in this photo.

The afternoon was spent exploring Vegas in 40’c heat, debating purchases of various “Hangover” souvenirs and avoiding Victoria’s Secret for fear i would spend every last cent i owned. As this was to be our last proper night together before the end of the trip, i attempted to get everyone together to go out and find some dinner. But by 7pm the majority of the boys were still sleeping and so our dwindling group decided to try Dick’s last Resort Restaurant in Excalibur. The Vegas guidebook describes Dick’s as having obnoxious staff, rude games, insults and a lot of banter. Sounded interesting. Some genius and some very clever marketing, created a successful chain of restaurants where the staff are rude to you and will go out of their way to insult you. If you are (un)lucky, you may even get a dunce cap with something degrading written on it. It was definitely a very unique dining experience.

Our waiter, Dustin. He then proceeded to throw cutlery at us.

Our last night in Vegas was relatively quiet – except for the boys, who powered through many cigars, vodka and our beloved George Dickel Whisky. Most people had partied hard the night before and were not really up for a second night. We managed to regroup outside of Caesers Palace and wandered around watching the hotel shows and attractions. Back at the hotel, we played a last round of “Arrogance” and headed to bed before our early start and last day together.

Yet, before the day had even begun, we all had a very rude awakening at 5am when the WORST ALARM EVER started to sound. I have never been so terrified in my entire life. A siren was blaring and a mans voice was repeating the following, “WARNING. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY”  In my sleepy state, i somehow thought it was my personal alarm and started frantically trying to find my phone. This went on for about 5 minutes and people poked their heads out of their doors and collected in the corridor. Some went out the fire exit, some panicked and some went straight back to bed. We never did find out what caused the alarm but i loved the guy who waved to us and shouted, “Morning Everyone!”


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