Trek America Tips – The Girly Section

Trek America Tips – The Girly Section

Whilst i was writing this post, i found that my section devoted to all things female related was getting rather lengthy. Therefore, i have created a post of its own. Yay. Whee.

New Orleans, fourth of July. It was all downhill from here.

1. “What about my hair?!”

Let us first address this topic of great importance. Girls…you can breathe a sigh of relief, for your straightners can come with you. The campsites are pretty decent and can accomodate our beauty regimes. But do not forgot to bring plug adaptors! These are essential if you want to put on your hot girl disguises. I have unruly hair and managed to straighten it whenever i wanted to – just make sure you get up early enough. There’s nothing worse than fighting for plug space in your PJs.

Along with your straighteners, the beloved hair dryers can also make an appearance on your trip. However, do be aware that blasting hot air on your face, whilst in the middle of Texas is not an enjoyable experience. Your hair will probably dry as soon as you step outside anyway.

If you have purchased a travel hair dryer, you will need to change the wattage settings which is usually done by switching a button on the dryer itself. We failed to notice this until the end of the trip when it finally starting working at full capacity. Oh and don’t forget to switch back when you get home, or you could have a dead hairdryer and a possible electrical fire on your hands.

A shower gauntlet commences.

2. The Shower Gauntlet

The shower gauntlet is the early morning challenge that each one of us came to dread. When it comes to showering during the trip, it may feel like you are living with 20+ women with one bathroom. This was magnified tenfold when it came to sharing the campsites with other trek groups, including vans full of hot Norwegian teenagers. It was utter chaos.

The only lie-ins you will get on your trip, will be on the days that you are in a town for more than a single night. Even then you will be up at sunrise, unless you feel like baking in your tent. When we had a long drive of more than 5 hours (aka. quality van time) you could find yourself back in the van by as early as 7:30am.

My tips for surviving such a gruelling task:-

  • Set your alarm early.  Try and remember to turn off the snooze before you head for the shower block too. It infuriates the sleeping boys.
  • Get organised. Countless times we made the walk to the showers, only to forget our towels or something equally as essential.
  • A healthy dose of patience.

Having male trek leaders may also complicate the shower gauntlets (not that i would have traded them for anyone else!) With all guys, your leader may not understand the concept of getting ready or its ritualistic properties. You may even have to put on your transformations within half an hour. Take this opportunity to embrace the natural look, for you are beautiful and do not need to slap layers of crap onto your face. This also means more time for campsite pre-gaming! Priorities.

3. Standards Will Slip

At first your standards are high. There are people you don’t know, there may be guys and you will want to make a good first impression. Yeah, well…that doesn’t last, give it a good three days of living in tents and outdoorsy activities for this to occur. At times you will be dirty, sweaty and looking disheveled but you are all in the same boat van. You will make a fool of yourself when you are drunk and you will also embarrass yourself when you are completely sober. These end up being your fondest memories!

As for your makeup regime, remember that foundation in 30c+ temperatures is grim and one way to look extra shiny for your photos. Save it for the nights out if you can. Despite all of this talk of going au-naturale, im sure taking extra girly equipment won’t hurt your baggage allowance.

Why make an effort? You'll just end up looking like this.

 4. Trek Attire

I can imagine that any guys reading this will be rolling their eyes at this section (if they haven’t done so already/are still reading this) This is important for us!

What you take will depend on your trip and the time of year that you travel. I opted for the southern states during mid summer, therefore it was hothothot and i was wearing as little as possible.

A plentiful amount of T-shirts and vest tops were all in my luggage. Shorts, skirts, a dress and pair of jeans for the colder evenings. You will probably live in your flip flops for the majority of the trip but i also had a nice pair of flats, trainers for hiking and some Teva sandals. Tevas are those ugly looking sports sandals that are usually worn by old people and teamed with socks. Yet, despite their appearance they were useful after my flip flops gave me a nice cut that became infected. For hiking the canyons i took my trainers and they served their purpose well. I would probably not bother with hiking boots as they tend to be heavy and unnecessary for a trip like this. As for evening activities, we ended up going out a lot more than i had anticipated and i wish i had taken some nicer clothes with me. As for heels, mine stayed at home and i didn’t miss them. The only place you would probably wear them would be Vegas and although it is one big ol’ party town, you will be doing a lot of walking. But if your heart is set on hitting the clubs, then go for it if you have room in your luggage. Another very important item to pack for Vegas is a nice dress – anything that has your boobs and/or legs out will be perfect!

Remember that you will be travelling across America, not Central Asia. So. if you forget something, it won’t be the end of the world. I’m sure you will be able to buy a replacement with relative ease at a Walmart store. Oh god and bikinis – don’t forget them! I’m looking at you, tent bud. 

Vegas Dress - boobs out, legs out.

7 thoughts on “Trek America Tips – The Girly Section

  1. Great post!!! Looks like you girls had a blast. I wish I had girlfriends like you do to travel and have fun with. I have boy friends, lots of them- and it gets hard sometimes. Anyway, love the blog! ❤


  2. GREAT post! I was freaking out about all of this and you have literally just answered every question! Thanks for the tips, looking forward to the trek now! Xx


  3. Wow i love this blog, im doing southern sun next july-august and have been scouring the internet for something like this (its ages away i know but im so excited, even more so after reading this, i laughed so much) i may need to get in contact with you about what else to pack etc although i think you have answered almost all of my questions especially in the girly tips!! i reallly wish i knew who was on my trek though so i had someone to be excited with lmao! eeek cannot wait!!


  4. Great post!! I’m going mid-summer as you did so it’s good to know what to expect. One question though – Walmarts….some people have recommended not using up your allowance for things like sleeping bag or torch and buying it at a Walmart – but this seems risky if you don’t see a Walmart until 5 days into your trip.
    Was wondering what your thought’s were on this?


    1. Hiya, thanks! I would definitely get a torch beforehand – you’ll need it on night 1. I would also suggest a head torch too – it was pretty difficult holding the torch whilst crouched, trying to fumble around for your toothbrush. Plus you’re going to need a sleeping bag on day 1 for sure. To save on space I ordered one with Trek and got it on the morning we left. I would presume they are still offering this service. They were good sleeping bags but you could always get one here and take it as carry on – saves some worrying! 🙂


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