A New Direction

“I never want to stop travelling!”

– Myself, early 2013 (probably before the bedbugs)

I am in England.

I haven’t left the country for a year.

It did help that the UK looked like this last summer. Taken in Salcombe, Devon
It did help that the UK looked like this last summer. Taken in Salcombe, Devon

So, what has changed? Well, first of all i got a full time job in my hometown. My intention was to save up as much money as possible in order to fly off again at the first chance that presented itself. The position was even a fixed term contract – perfect! However, my move-to-Canada-and-work-on-a-ranch plans were promptly launched out the window by a 6ft 4 male species that i met at my new workplace. Yep, it happened. I met someone and i actually couldn’t be happier. I also learnt to drive (finally), got myself a contract iPhone (FINALLY) and all of this before Christmas. Oh, and the fixed term contract job? I ended up getting a promotion. Basically, these are all variables that will prevent an individual from gallivanting round the world.

Before my travels, i spent a large amount of my time researching places to visit, costs, journey times…symptoms of various exotic diseases (just in case). Now that i have no desire to escape this rainy island for the foreseeable future, i have been focusing on my other interests. It is because of this change of heart, that my blog will also take a similar direction. You can’t really write about travel when you’re quite happy to mooch around the town you were born in.

However, there is one interest that rivals my love of travelling. It is also an interest that has inspired me to journey across the world to visit certain historical places – The Paranormal. Are you a skeptic or believer? Either way, everyone has a  natural curiosity for this subject which makes for one hell of a dinner party conversation. This innate curiosity eventually developed into a firm obsession, through the assistance of some strange esoteric encounters. After graduating from university in 2010 i joined my local investigation team and have been lucky enough to visit some incredible historical locations.

Leap Castle, Ireland – One of my favourite investigation locations

Although the supernatural  is now firmly nestled within popular culture (cheers, Ghost Hunters! *cough*mosthauntednearlyruinedeverything*cough*) investigating haunted locations is still one of the more unusual weekend activities for a 20-something. I am more likely to be found clutching a night vision camera than a drink in an overcrowded bar. I had always planned to write about my interest in the paranormal but as the weird events in my life increase, i am inclined  to start documenting these on a regular basis. These will include my past experiences, my formal investigations with my local team and the main inspiration for this blog – my house. Even as i am writing this, the landing light just turned itself on. 

The activity in this household tends to wax and wane. Lights being turned on and off is small in comparison to what i have experience here. Believe me, it can kick off in a spectacular fashion. I will state now that i am  a believer in paranormal activity but what is causing these events, remains a mystery to me. I will always look for the rational explanation but i have learnt that there are certain occasions where happenings cannot easily be explained. For arguments sake i call them “ghosts” but i am not quite able to say that these are definitely “spirits of the dead”. For all we know, these could be demons, a serious mental condition (lets hope not), a natural phenomenon or even a glimpse into a parallel universe. We just don’t know and that both terrifies and fascinates us.

So, expect some weird stories and videos on here soon.

Any questions, ideas, theories or even explainations – let me know. I love a good debunk.