My name is Amy.

I am 24 year old Paranormal Investigator, Ex-Backpacker and Religious Studies graduate.

I graduated in summer 2010 and since then i have spent most of my time trying to figure out what to do with my life. I do envy those individuals that go into university head-on, with a certain career path in mind. I certainly was not one of these. I studied religion, which was not exactly the most practical degree. Nevertheless, i had a fun three years studying Hindu concepts of illusion and admiring Nietzsche’s ferret ‘tache. With my head full of Sanskrit text, no obvious career path, the next logical step was to go exploring.

My adventures began after a rather nasty breakup became the catalyst for a new obsession with travelling. Its pretty simple…it ended, i cried for a week and i spontaneously booked a trip with Trek America (after a few G&Ts that is). I did just think this was to be a month long getaway, albeit a rather expensive one, and i was certainly not prepared for how it would impact my life.

I then spent the next year plotting and saving up for my next escape. On 29th November 2012 i left the cold shores of the United Kingdom and set off for warmer climates. Five countries, 100 days, 33000+ miles and 13 flights later, i was back home. I am now in a steady 9-5 job and my backpacking adventures have ceased.

As well as a love for travel, i also have a love for the Paranormal which will now be the focus of this blog. I have had the most bizzare experiences and these have increased considerably since my return from my travels. I intend for this blog to be an outlet to share these events, lay out my theories and any evidence i may be able to collect. It is true that you can never quite grasp the unexplained until you have come face-to-face with something that doesn’t fit within your reality. I have seen so much now that i just need to get these written down! I don’t think i’ll be able to run out of material with this topic, that’s for sure.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey from Melbourne! I enjoyed reading your blog. It reminded me of my awesome Trek America tour last year 🙂
    Our mascot was the same green alien haha. I’m glad you guys had tons of fun too, I can’t wait to get back


  2. Hey
    Great report about your trip on Trek america! I enjoyed a lot reading it! Thanks for sharing your experience. I plan on taking a Trek america trip on september 2014 (northern trail) I hope I have as much fun as you did!
    Best wishes from Brazil


  3. Hi Amy!
    I loved reading your Trek America blog / tips (especially the girly section!)
    My husband & I are considering booking the Southern Sun trip, we are a young couple (19 & 21) but is it suitable for couples or is it more suited to solo travellers? Please feel free to email me if it’s easier!


    1. Hi Rozi

      Thankyou! Im glad you enjoyed reading it! I think Trek accommodates for both. Its whether or not, as a couple, you think you could handle being around potentially 10+ other 18-30 somethings!

      We did have a couple on our trip who were slightly older than yourself. We even ended up having two couples get together on the trip (and are still together to this day!) I also heard of a couple who were doing the Grand Trek ended up getting married in Vegas! So it seems like its not just a solo thing.

      You get your down time but it is a very social trip – all meals and activities together etc. But the hotel stops you would get your own room and you’d be sharing a tent together each night too. Honestly, id do it. A trip across the States with just the two of you is going to be expensive and extremely tiring. With Trek America you get a temporary family, an American guide and nobody has to be navigator! 🙂 X


  4. Hi Amy, I’ve loved reading your blog so far. I too have booked Trek America for this September (like you a very spontaneous decision after a cheeky G&T during a rocky patch in my relationship!) and can only hope to gain as much from the experience as you have. Only a couple of months to go, I cannot wait!


    1. Hope you have a fantastic time! I bet your counting down the days. Brilliant! For me, it proved to be one of the better G&T fueled decisions that i have made.


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