Trek America

Trek America.

The reason for my wanderlust and my gap year substitute! I went straight from college to university and did not do the whole Gap Year thing, that so many 18 year olds see as a rite of passage. It was a combination of my spontaneous application to university (the month before) and my negative teenage outlook on life that led to this. Compared to present-me, pre-university me was socially inept, i had no job, average A-Levels, no motivation. As for the year after university…well, i spent most of it either working or on a train going to visit the (now ex) boyfriend. So when that ended, i was single, inevitably heartbroken, unemployed and a right mess.

So what do scorned women do after the gin has been downed and all the Disney films have been watched over and over? They plan a holiday! That’s exactly what i did. It was the best alcohol-fueled idea i ever had!

Three months later, savings all used up, i boarded a plane for New York. Trek America has a variety of routes and tours that you can take and mine was called the “Southern Sun”. This particular trek starts at New York, crosses through 16 states and finishes up in Los Angeles. So there i was in the hotel lobby, about to spend the next 3 weeks with 11 strangers and a trek leader.

The Trek Family 

Washington Family Photo

From Left to Right: Beom (S. Korea), Ingrid (Tasmania), Lisa (UK), Simon (Germany), Natalie (UK), Me (UK), Rob (UK), Anthony (UK), Simon (Germany), Chang (S. Korea), Daniel (Germany), Charlotte (UK) and in front is our trek leader, Steve (USA)

You start of as strangers, then friends and then family. A bit of a weird family, but it kinda worked! No arguments, no bitching…a lot of van snoozing…i guess we were just lucky that we were all awesome and that nobody was a complete douche bag. Although we all had our moments, i know i did!

The Van 

The van, trailer and a Steve
The van, trailer and a Steve

I miss the van so much! This vehicle was also a comfy (in certain seats and positions) place to sleep for the majority of the trek family.  I think i only managed a maximum of 2 minutes of shut eye throughout the entire journey. The below photo was taken on one of the many days that i was riding shotgun.

A familiar sight in the van

Our Extended Family

Because the Southern Sun is a really popular trip, they often have two vans running parallel. Both vans are separate but you see eachother every single day at the campsites and on some activities. These guys were our extended family!

The extended family


5 thoughts on “Trek America

  1. Awesome and very witty blog! really enjoyed reading this. Myself and a friend will be doing this trek next summer, so stoked. Thanks for the tips, i have a massssssssssive fear of snakes, massive! hoping their not to rife at the places we stop! x


    1. Thanks Katy! You will have an awesome time! They were honestly the best three weeks of my life! Don’t worry about the snakes, we didn’t see any whilst we were away. The campsites you stop at are pretty busy and snakes tend to avoid places where people are. In fact…i think we saw everything but snakes and tarantulas (thank god!)


  2. Hey katy.. sounds like you did have a amazin trip.
    i’m actually going on a southern sun trek to 24th august- loocking forward to it.
    Thank you for sharing your exprience..


  3. This sounds fucking amazing, I have to do this trip!
    Really witty and detailed blog (even if its for a girls perspective), god knows how this isn’t on trek ameria website.


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