Trek America Diary – List

Trek America Diary

Below are the links to help navigate your way around the diary i kept whilst travelling with Trek America.

Day 1  –   The Journey Begins (London)

Day 2  –  Getting Lost in New York City (New York City)

Day 3  –  First Impressions and Super Tourists in D.C  (Washington D.C – Day One)

Day 4  –  The Day We Saw Obama (Washington D.C – Day Two)

Day 5  –  Quality Van Time and Drag Racing (Bristol, Tennessee)

Day 6  –  White Water Rafting, Fireworks and Moonshine (Ocoee, Tennessee)

Day 7  –  Carousels and Giant Mississippi Bugs (Meridian, Mississippi)

Day 8  –  Independence Day in New Orleans  (New Orleans, Louisiana – Day One)

Day 9  –   Hangovers, Police and Some Tears (New Orleans, Louisiana – Day Two)

Day 10 – Gator Petting and Swamp Camping (Lake Charles, Louisiana)

Day 11 – Dancing With Cowboys in San Antonio (San Antonio, Texas – Day One)

Day 12 – Toilet Seat Museum, Water Slides and Lumpy Faces (San Antonio, Texas – Day Two)

Day 13 – Making Friends With The Locals (Fort Stockton, Texas)

Day 14 – State Lines, Abandoned Rodeos and Carlsbad Caverns (Carlsbad, New Mexico)

Day 15 – Roswell, Santa Fe and Endless Roads (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Day 16 – A Night With the Navajo in Monument Valley (Monument Valley, Arizona)

Day 17 – The Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon  – Day One)

Day 18 – “I Know This is Rude, But Are You Mormon?” (Grand Canyon  – Day Two)

Day 19 – The Night of “Dirty Jenga” and the Party Barn (Page, Arizona)

Day 20 – Hiking the Narrows in Zion National Park (Zion NP, Utah)

Day 21 – From River Tubing to the Vegas Party Bus (Las Vegas, Nevada – Day One)

Day 22 – I Hope Nobody Got Married Last Night…  (Las Vegas, Nevada – Day Two)

Day 23 – Tearful Trekkie Goodbyes in LA (Los Angeles, California)



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